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Taken (I) (2008)

The most thrilling movie I've seen in a long time. Neeson is what we would fear if James Bond went to hell and came back for revenge (I doubt big budget Quantum of Solace will top this). I loved Jason Bourne; but where Bourne is confused for half the movie, Neeson is looking down a barrel of a pistol 3/4 of the time. In a three way spy battle, I would put Neeson edging out Bourne, who would be a step ahead of Bond.

Between the jaw-dropping action sequences was the subject matter of international trafficking, which was pretty miserable to watch. Although homicide is wrong, death was never more satisfying to watch.

Green Tea is Good For the Bones

The traditional Chinese had made green tea a dietary supplement though they never new that this herbal drink had chemicals like flavonoid or EGCG epigallocatchin gallate and ECG epicatechin gallate, the very wonderful chemicals found in this type of tea. Besides these chemicals helping stop cancer and keeping arthritis at bay, green tea has other health benefits. This includes keeping your bones healthy.
Green tea has been said to be very good for your bones. Studies show that drinking green tea immensely helps in keeping your bones healthy. This phenomenon of medical history and herbal wonders has puzzled so many medical researchers. Benefits of this tea have been mentioned as within the weight loss, cancer prevention and keeping arthritis at bay. Few health experts thought green tea would help the bones stay safe and healthy.
How does this type of herb extracts tea help your bones? Studies by health experts indicate that drinking it regularly makes the bones strong. How does this happen? How does the tea make your bones strong? Studies by Chinese experts show that, drinking this type of tea over a long period increases the bones density in both men and women. This is achieved through the chemicals found in the green facilitating in increasing the bone density. These chemicals include flavonoids and phytoestrogen and are compounds of the tea.
However, the experts project that, it is the length of time that one has been taking this tea that matters not the amount of tea. People who have been drinking this tea for a long time have been found to have gained immense bone density. As such drinking green tea habitually would prove immensely beneficial to our health especially our bones which form our structure. This important aspects of the tea have surpassed any known herb or herbal product based on the many benefits it offers those who use it. Some of these benefits include relieving headaches as well as regulating blood flow and even depression.


Discover Or Rediscover the World of Tea

The world of tea is certainly one worth discovering, but be careful because once you enter this world, you might get so seduced by the flavors and wonders that you will find, that you might never come out again. The large variety of flavors are subtle, but yet so distinct from one another, that you can discover daily, the rich taste of Japan, China, India even Africa and England. Come on, come on in my world! Let yourself be tempted! Let's go and discover tea!
Tea is a natural drink, known for being beneficial to your health. It is the most popular drink in the world, and it has adapted itself to ceremonies and practices that are not only good for the body, but do wonders for the spirit as well.
You can use tea to stimulate and help in digestion, but that is only one of many benefits. A fresh, good quality tea, is loaded with antioxidants, essential oils, minerals and vitamins. Its diuretic properties facilitate the elimination of toxins,and the reduction of glucose and cholesterol in blood. Studies have shown that tea can reduce the risks in several diseases, including heart attacks, and cancer. It is instrumental in weight control and as a diet aid.
All teas are not equal but all teas are beneficial. So when exploring the wonderful world of tea you need not limit yourself to one kind.
If this is your first steps into the world of exotic teas, I would suggest that you direct yourself toward Chinese Green Tea since they have been proven to possess more of the good qualities that all teas can boast having.
Green tea is a tea that has not been fermented while Wulong tea has been only partially fermented and black is fully fermented. The production of green tea is carefully watched to prevent fermentation. It is fermentation that reduces the amount of antioxidants that tea possess. Green tea leaves are hand picked to prevent damage that would hasten fermentation. Freshness is very important that is why tea should be kept in a cool dry place.
When brewed green tea produced a yellow brew, but the color can vary according to the kind of tea from a very pale yellow to a darker yellow, with shades of green in between, including the bluish green color of Wu Long tea. You can read more information about the Wulong Tea Way, another great tea to discover or rediscover.

The Piano

There are very few female directors in the film industry that have been given proper acknowledgment or had their works introduced to mainstream filmgoers. Jane Campion is one of these precious few, a director who carefully paces and sculpts her works so that they magnificently flow like a musical interlude. "The Piano" is her ultimate masterpiece, a film of such simplicity, described with calm and tense complexity. Holly Hunter received an Oscar for her fascinating performance as Ada, a mute woman who is forced into an arranged marriage with a New Zealand landowner, played convincingly by Sam Neill, a native Australian actor himself. Ada journeys to New Zealand with her young daughter (Anna Paquin, also an Oscar-winner that year), few other possessions, and her treasured piano, a part of her that amplifies her voice that she cannot express through vocal communication.

I believe it would be wrong to assume that any of the characters are martyrs in this tragic story, nor would it be right to think Sam Neill's character a villain. You may think this is crazy, but I think the piano itself serves as both a good and bad omen for all that are involved. I would relate it to a "Pandora's box" of sorts, a treasure that exposes all the evil and sin in the world, but which also provides hope as well. The piano is Ada's sounding box, a tool that allows her to escape from a world that does not understand her, but that also threatens her moral compass, removing her from marital conventions and forces her to lose herself.

The performances in "The Piano" are particularly good, especially Holly Hunter's. It is interesting to note that all of Hunter's piano playing in the film is actually Hunter herself performing in front of us. You can visually and aurally feel the mood of Hunter's character through the music she plays. We the audience lose ourselves right along with her, lost upon a sea of music. We see why Keitel becomes enamored by her, and why Neill becomes overcome with jealousy and betrayal. Not many films would allow us to enter the emotions of all three main characters, but this film is truly an exception.

Rarely do we witness real beauty captured on film. "The Piano" is such a visually stunning film, it's almost intoxicating how its atmosphere sweeps across the screen. This landscape is equaled by the performances, bringing understanding and mystery to this wonder. Sometimes symbolism of this nature can be distracting to an audience. "The Piano" dares to follow this symbolic path, and hits a bullseye with full emotional force. Rating: Four stars.

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Green Tea - A Dietary Supplement Against Aging

Green tea is rich in antioxidants, which prevent our bodies' cells from damage due to oxidation. The process is not very different from preventing your car from being rusted.
The knowledge of public about the many health benefits of antioxidants is increasing by the day as the benefits are being published. To meet the growing demand for such products the manufacturers of cold drinks have come up with green tea drinks flavored with fruit juices. Apple, lemon, strawberry, peach, and pomegranate, you name it and it's out there on the shelf.
Green Tea is often consumed as a dietary supplement. A dietary supplement refers to vitamins, minerals, herbal supplements and other substances (e.g weight loss supplement) meant to improve your diet. Green tea comprises EGCG or the epigallocatechin gallate that makes the tea power packed with the advantages of antioxidants.

As far as aging is concerned, many studies blame free radicals within our bodies as the ones responsible of it. Consequently, the higher the quantity of free radicals in your body, the faster you would age. Since the main job of antioxidants is to neutralize the free radicals their presence is supposed to slow down the rate of aging. Apart from green tea some common sources of antioxidants are apricots, broccoli, pumpkin, cantaloupes, spinach, sweet potatoes and tomatoes. So it makes good sense to supplement your diet with these as well.
However there's a problem, and that is, once you drink the tea, 80 percent of its antioxidant catechins are lost during digestion, making the mechanism highly inefficient. At the same time a tasty solution...

The Reader (2008)

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There's an urgency in human nature to understand. When it comes to the Holocaust, history's bleak, unsettling period, it doesn't matter what book you've read, film you've seen or account you've heard; in the end, your response it halted by its incomprehensible conclusion. How could humanity course its way towards such a violent, destructive path? How could people knowingly send men, women, and children to their impending doom? Most puzzling, how could the world allow it? Even though its been 63 years since the blood-drenched annals of World War II, its aftermath today is still bone chilling.

After a six year celluloid dry spell, Stephen Daldry returns to the director's chair in a brilliant, sexually charged, and oddly heartbreaking tale about the complexity of human morality and the lifelong repercussions that result from our actions. Adapted from Bernhard Schlink's best-selling German novel, "The Reader," Daldry's visual translation is a powerful, emotionally absorbing film that is one of the year's best. It's superbly crafted.

With World War II over, Germany, in 1958, is still recovering. Deep within Heidelberg, Germany, Michael (David Kross), a young pubescent teenager haven fallen ill, is comforted by Hanna (Kate Winslet), a hard working woman who is twice his age. Taken by her generosity, Michael revisits Hanna to offer his gratitude. What begins as an awkward reunion escalates into a seductive, forbidden affair that intensifies when Michael begins reading to the distant, empty Hanna, who is deeply awakened by Michael's spoken literature. Too young to understand love's complicated implications, Michael is emotionally devastated when Hanna suddenly disappears. Nearly a decade later, unable to forget his passionate summer while studying law, he attends a Nazi trail, and to his dismay, hears Hanna's distant voice.

"The Reader" is a complex film; maybe a little too complex for some. Though the film pertains to Nazism and the "sins of our fathers," in essence, "The Reader" is a film that reflects the emotions inside all of us. During a lecture, Michael's professor comments, "Societies like to think they operate on morality but they don't." In this cynical age, how far from reality is that statement? During Hanna's trial, she's questioned why she participated in the Nazi party's horrendous war crimes, broken she replies, "It was my job." Oddly enough, that seems to be the justification most people use. Surprisingly, though, "The Reader" isn't about her exposure as a war criminal, but an exposure on an individual who took the wrong path. She's not a bad person; she's simply made wrong choices. However, when it comes to having involvement in the Nazi's liquidation of the Jews, how "wrong" can you get? "You ask us to think like lawyers," cries on student, "what are we trying to do?" A distraught Michael replies, "We are trying to understand!" But, just who exactly is trying to grasp a deeper understanding: the court or Michael? How can Hanna's past be forgiven? Director Stephen Daldry brings the much needed emotional layer that a character such as Hanna Schmitz desperately needs. Although her actions are beyond unforgivable, strangely, we sympathize with her. Maybe it's her other shameful secret. Maybe it's superb character development.

"The Reader" is a film that is driven by it's raw performances. In one of her finest hours, Kate Winslet gives the performance of a lifetime. It's a haunting and heart-breaking. David Kross, who's only 18, is impressive as the teenager with raging hormones; it's such a daring performance. Winselt and Kross bring this picture together. Their performances are jaw-droppingly brilliant. Completing the role of Michael, as the tortured grown man, is Ralph Fiennes, who balances Michael's despair through his melancholic emotion when he encounters a grown Jewish woman, played by Lena Olin, who was also at Hanna's trail. Although her scenes clock in less than 10 minutes, Olin, too, is breathtaking.

When "The Reader's" credits rolled, I sat quietly shaken by what I had witnessed. It's a film that is impossible to forget. When a grown Michael asks Hanna, "Have you spent much time thinking about the past?" Heartbroken, she replies, "It doesn't matter what I think. It doesn't matter what I feel. The dead are still dead." She's right.

ASH Designed for You

ASH Designed for You

Site / 2011-09-28

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The first image stores of ASH from the whole world has opened in Marylebone Village of London. Marylebone Village is the collection place where is a particular boutique. After ASH coming, it seems there is perfect. However, there is no best, only better. This is the first step for it to face the whole world. Soon, it will be known as the international brand. Yes, it is successful. Ten years, almost every one knows ASH, its shoes, handbags. All are amazing. During these ten years, thanks to the founder Patrick Ithier, if there is no hie precious experience with the cooperation to so many famous brands, his special idea and further dream, may be ASH is not the one that we see today.

 ASH shoes and handbags combined the style of classic and the modern elements, which let you be a noble, or just a common people, all decide which ways you wear or match. Only ASH can make this more real. The most famous style of ASH is to use the leather returning to the ancient times to make the old feeling. The structure of the shoes side modified the feet well. The montage design highlighted administrative levels. Besides, the fish mouth design shows a special feeling of women. It is comfortable when you wear them, which reflect the taste and fashion at the same time.

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Bright Star

I just had the pleasure of seeing Bright Star tonight. I was hoping it would be as good as the trailer, and it was. The trailer is not misleading in this sense but a pretty good representation of the movie.

Most of the negative reviews I've read for this have something to do with how the film is "little" or "slow." Rarely, they comment that it's "melodramatic." Which it's NOT by any means. It is not mawkishly sentimental at all. It's not epic, it is small in a way, and there's never any seizing moment of action. That doesn't make it boring; it's engaging throughout.

This is different from any period film I've ever seen, or really, imagined. It's not like typical period pieces in trying to wow you with its aesthetic recreation of the time, it's not so much about the visual splendor, though it looks very lovely and is thoroughly convincing as a representation of that period. It's visually quite different from other period pieces, it has a more realistic and kind of earthy look rather than pastel-colored and with a glow around everything. There are slums and less-than-palatial places. This isn't Pride and Prejudice. Neither does it have sort of a broad, sweeping narrative. At heart it's a deep love story about famed poet John Keats and his love and muse, Franny Brawne, whose relationship was cut short by a tragic death. It delves deeply into the small details of their courtship, and is pretty involved psychologically.

These people are portrayed realistically. Even the more minor characters, they all seem to be real people, with actual personalities, rather than caricatures or types of stuffy Regency people who are preoccupied with propriety and good marriage matches. Fanny's mother is nice, the main issue with her marrying Keats is that he literally can't support her, and the people they know aren't mindlessly concerned about it. They actually have FUN and do more interesting things than stand at ballroom dances and sit at dinner. Who would have thought people in a Regency period movie could actually climb trees, walk in the mud, or do quirky, whimsical things? Their ease and naturalness and relative candor in moving around, interacting with, and talking to each other was refreshing and definitely different from the idea you generally get. And this is the first period piece I've ever, ever seen where anyone has actually picked up and held their pet cat and treated it like you would your pet. You can actually hear it purring, it's a real part of their surroundings. I liked that cat, it was cute.

The dialogue was superb. It wasn't this sloppy, general, or comical/absurd stuff. It was precise, clear, charged with personality, and often beautiful. When you hear the conversations between Fanny and John, it's brilliant, real, and a pleasure. I have never seen such intelligence, subtlety, or elegance in a movie in this way. To hear Fanny respond to something John said, even just a word, as if she were actually thinking about it, as would happen in real life, as if she were an intelligent, feeling, witty person, was so nice. And so DIFFERENT. It's a little hard to explain if you haven't seen it. Suffice it to say, the dialogue is delicate and nuanced. They are articulate but not pretentious, they are sensitive, individual people - not unreal types who don't pick up on details. And it being about Keats, the characters have a lot of literary intelligence. You will enjoy the poetry in the movie.

The acting was great. Keats - I would probably fall in love with him, too. He seems like such a sensitive, romantic, and intelligent guy. Ben Whishaw was perfect for him. And Abbie Cornish as Fanny is wonderful - while not extravagantly gorgeous exactly, her face has such clear features that she has an extraordinary appeal. She is a very striking character, and deeply feeling about Keats. You get a real sense of love, real responses to grief instead of just a pretty swoon. It was a real romance - their tender kiss was beautiful, the things they said to each other, and the things they felt.

This movie is one of those rare films that are almost perfect to me. That doesn't make it my favorite movie, but it means I didn't find much wrong with it. The emotion isn't overwhelming, it's not exactly visceral, but it's moving and penetrating, it has its own style. It's NOT sappy or conventional. The extreme intelligence, realism, and emotional depth of this movie truly set it apart from all others. I heard a review say something like about how it's just about "old British speech and mannerisms," which couldn't be farther from the truth. It is NOT driven by quaintness or generic period speech like other period films. The dialogue is not stiff, pretentious, or artificial, though it's accurate. Sweet, moving, and intelligent, Bright Star has rare depth. It's definitely like no other movie. You should go see it if you think you'd be into it at all, by any stretch. You might not like it - it is rather "slow," but very interesting, at least for me - but it would be a thick or insensitive person indeed who couldn't appreciate it in some way. It's like how Keats described Fanny - "the brightest, most delicate thing."

My favorite quotes are:

"A thing of beauty is a joy forever. Its loveliness increases. It will never pass into nothingness."

"I almost wish we were butterflies, and lived but three summer days. Three such days with you I could fill with more delight than fifty common years could ever contain."

There are many others, much of Keats' letters to Fanny is so beautiful, but I can't remember them off the top of my head. These are two that appear in the trailer.

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House of Sand and Fog

In a tragedy that only the likes of Sophocles or Shakespeare could recreate, the film House of Sand and Fog proves that some dreams really can't be shared.

The American dream is shattered for Colonel Behrani and Kathy Nicolo in this movie of devastating beauty. It is a film about the relentless struggle between an Iranian man and a post-alcoholic over a small house near a Californian beach. When Kathy loses her house due to county error, Behrani buys it for the sake of money and self-pride. Their worlds clash when they realize there is no perfect solution to this mistake, ending with a shockingly tragic twist. The acting put forth in this film was nothing less of amazing. Ben Kinglsey, as always, played his role as if he was really in it, really showing us his point of view and

displaying his need for the house. Jennifer Connely played her role beautifully as well, showing the inward spiral she was facing and how her depression finally took her over. The story was nearly flawless with a few money and law errors. However, the tragic themes of the film ring through nonetheless. With a little less than a superior performance from Ron Eldard, the film still had wonderful acting and brilliant film technique. Based on the best-selling novel by Andre Dubus III, director Vadim Perelman does an incredible job of staying true to the novel, and using a few Russian film techniques to give a sense of emotion. This type of film truly will tug at your heart and bring tears, yet will give a sense of appreciation for the human life.

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Though i never considered myself a western fan, i realize i've seen a good many, from the Anthony Mann masterpieces, to Leone's revolutionary films, to more recent flicks like Unforgiven. But none has moved me like Deadwood. While the series did have some ups and downs (like life itself), it is truly enchanting. The season finale alone is one of the most moving things i've seen on TV, and having rewatched it many times (the joy of tivo) i still find myself driven to tears. The dialog is fantastic, bordering on Shakespearean at times as others have pointed out. Its a shame that so many seem to be bothered by the language, perhaps i am just overly jaded. Remember though that profanity at that time was predominantly based on religion (or rather defiance of such). These days of course, hellfire and tarnation don't have quite the same effect. If the dialog were more "period", i imagine it would be like watching yosemite sam cast as swearengen (heaven forbid). In their translations of Kurasawa movies, Critereon has faced the same issues, and i agree with their and David Milch's choice. Stay true to the meaning and feeling, more than the literal. Especially with profanity, this is key. Profanity's entire purpose is to offend, and if it becomes through age or paradigm shift inoffensive, it loses all meaning and effectiveness. It helps bring us into the world of deadwood, and better understand and relate to the characters who live there. Which, IMHO, is a wondrous thing to experience.


Tea Cups and Saucers - Brief History and Overview

Everyone has their favourite tea cup and saucer which always enhances their tea drinking on many levels. In fact, for many people, drinking from a different tea mug or cup can actually reduce their enjoyment of the whole drink process.
This is not surprising when you consider the longstanding history of tea and tea drinking. For many centuries it has been the beverage of choice around the world, with the first known teacups being discovered in Europe after being imported from Japan.

However, these were not the tea cups and saucers that we are familiar with today. For many Far Eastern countries actually drink their Chinese Green Tea from mini bowls without handles, with China having the smallest variety of bowl, which only allows a small amount of tea to be provided at one time. But this is where the ritual of serving tea comes in. The whole process of filling and refilling your guest's cup adds to the interaction between tea drinkers.
However, in Europe, America and many other parts of the world, it is preferred to have a handle on ones cup. Generally these cups are also wider and easier to hold. But this does not distract from the ritual of preparation and enjoying time with a favorite drinking vessel!
Whether glass, ceramic, melamine or porcelain the feel and the weight of the cup all add to the whole experience. This, coupled with the pattern and design of choice, allows the tradition of drinking the perfect cup of tea to continue worldwide today.


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Crescent foot. 5" stiletto back heel. Personal red-colored single. It is spectacular and incredibly traditional sends, dark obvious leather-based constrast the actual red-colored leather-based single additionally can make the ferfect aspect as well as frest look at. christian louboutin sale shoes had been started within 1992, Portugal however it quickly grew to become an international well-known manufacturer. Upon 03 28, 2007, Religious Louboutin submitted a credit card applicatoin with regard to Ough. Utes. brand safety of the red-colored single style. The actual leather-based of those religious louboutin sends may be proved helpful with a craftsman as well as this is actually the consequence of the cautious choice. They are not just beautiful however will also be comfy. item explanation: Dark Leatherpointed toehidden platform4 7/10" back heel. Personal red-colored single. 0. 5kg heightshoe container as well as dirt bagBlack may be the colour which in no way end up being transformed permanently and may end up being complement along with numerous gown.

This can be traditional however you like, however exactly how it's cast, especially about the shut foot, transformed this a great deal. This particular is made of obvious leather-based, therefore there is the actual organic polished complete which contributes to it's general style. This particular after that comes with an flexible ankle joint straps in order to safe; along with a personal protected back heel which steps 4 in . can also be give increase your own position. Regardless of whether a person set these types of together with your operating ensembles or even drink gowns, it might nevertheless produce womanly elegance. Understand this via Saks with regard to $695.

Surges happen to be of all associated with Louboutin's styles recently, therefore viewing these types of CL Ankle Boots should not any longer shock all of us. Because usually, Louboutin in no way isn't able within displaying innovativeness within their every single style which appears because an additional evidence to that particular.


Deeply disturbing, intelligently made and without a screaming teen in sight, 'Candyman' is one of the stand-out horror movies of the decade.

To just list all the elements that make this one of the classiest genre efforts of recent years would probably take up most of the thousand words I am allowed here. Suffice to say, it has a genuinely uncomfortable premise, uncompromising execution and a bone jarringly lonely score by Philip Glass. Tony Todd is exceptional as the hollow-voiced titular creature; a lost soul brought to life by the whispers of myth. At once heartbreaking and terrifying this could be the definitive latter day horror movie monster- if it wasn't just that little bit too close to Hellraiser's Pinhead. But, when you have a winning combination of elegance and disgust in a verbose, cultured villain, why alter it too much?

Virginia Madsen convinces totally as Helen; and you can almost see all the cast acting their little socks off so as not to let the side down. So good, in fact, that I'm struggling to find one bad thing to say about it.

I read here, that in the eyes of one viewer, it "dwells on the nastier things in life" and wasn't a "nice film". I can think of no greater compliment for a truly adult horror movie. No dear, you won't find happy teens in pastel t-shirts having slumber parties and discussing trendy scary movies, while some rap star tries to sell records on the soundtrack. This is a grown up film for grown up people. There is a reason horror films are for adults, and that reason is 'Candyman'.

Here Sheer Bikini And Thong Swimwear Sales

Many prefer wearing a one piece bikinis because it makes them look and feel good. Thongs also allow you to show more skin enabling you to get that perfect tan. Beach bums usually go out in the sun and lie on the beach on their tummies wearing only their thong swimwear.

In case you are wearing a thong bikini to your very first time and you are a little uncomfortable, then appear into G-strings, they definitely will give your body an adequate coverage along with the comfort and ease and you could gradually slip into the Brazilian swimwear. Make sure you choose your bikinis with care and look for comfortable garments. Seeing as you are heading to put on yourbikini at the sea facet below the publics eye, it is essential to be as at ease with your physique.

Most people adopt micro swimwear using the impression that it will look awesome. But within the contrary they make a laughing stock of it, merely on account of the truth they don't really feel relaxed sporting their string swimsuit. Either they maintain on altering their straps or they point out their discomfort in regards to the exhibiting of their most non-public components. If you're one of them, do not tension. Just follow these uncomplicated hints and alter your appearance and you are able to make heads turn you wont be comprimising your comfort and ease 1 bit.

Attractive, yet traditional this summer season swimsuit option undoubtedly packs a punch. Whether or not you've absolutely settled on this lower as your ultimate option, or you are just poking about to see what choices you may have, we've gathered a little bit with the history around this traditional, yet racy piece. And, for all those of you who like that which you listen to, we've picked out a couple different types and choices for you personally to determine, so you'll be able to start off finding some ideas, or perhaps even discover the cutest reduce for you personally! So, whether or not you're new for the sport, or you're a seasoned veteran in search of a little inspiration, we've surely received something for everybody on the subject of the excellent thong bikini.

The sexy thong bikinis swimwear can be easily purchased both at online and offline stores.


Cartier three wreaths get stripe a version diamond ring

The card ground is second three wreath ring(Cartier Trinity) the series released its diamond series recently, list price in the United States market was in USD 14,400(about CNY 100,000).Diamond three wreath rings at the earliest stage the 2009 autumns winter fashionable dresses in New York in February week designer Phillip appeared on first time of Lim show, formally release to the public now.The selling price isn't thin three wreath diamond the ring be been "very interesting luxury goods" by the medium evaluation, "is the best presents of those expression the abyss of time loves of the persons who love each other crazily".

The card ground is second to once release "love(LOVE)" series jewelry last year, became big heat to collect an article.And Trinity is also cartier earrings diamond to enrich three wreath rings of great reputation most and go to 1924 to release namely become Cartier of popular classic style of.According to know, Trinity ring(three wreath rings) from the grandson of the Cartier founder Louis Cartier design in person and give him enrich a connate friend and French poet very much first Jean Cocteau, namely with symbolize each other special friendship.

Classic style of three wreath ringses constituted to°from three kinds of different materials at the earliest stage:The platinum that represents comity, representative honest  gold, and represent the rose gold of love.Three wreaths surround together and mean threes always ambition not Yu.Classic style of three wreath rings according to material and thick thin, the selling price goes to CNY 25,000 in 8,000 dollars or so.The lately- released 100,000 dollars diamond is three wreath serieses, undoubtedly is the series at present of extravagant the value for getting stripe a version, having to collect an investment very strongly.

Into the wild

This was truly a great movie. It chronicles the life of Chris Mccandless based on the book with the same name.

As you watch the movie it's as if you follow Chris in his quest to understand the beauty of the world without being part of the world we know. As it goes on parts of his journal that he kept on his travels are read out and analyzed and attached to the meaning of his quest. It's a beautiful perspective on why we live and how to find true untainted happiness simply by being a part of nature and real life, as opposed to the social conditioning we have become used to.

There are parts that will make you think hard about your own life and how you can make yourself happy. In the end however, Chris is on the verge of starving, and he realizes that "happiness is only real when shared". This part nearly brought me to tears. It is an intense moment of self reflection and understanding of one's place in the world. It is in a way a reversal of the initial goal of Chris which is to find happiness away from society, and explains the fact that happiness is in fact created by society.

Sean Penn is a great director. This movie had some of the most beautiful cinematography and landscape scenes I've ever seen. At some points you may be awed by the simple beauty of the earth without even having to understand that this was what Chris wanted.

The acting is magnificent. Emile Hirsch is great, especially towards the end when Chris begins to be paranoid and disillusioned by his hunger. You can feel his joy throughout the movie and understand why he set out on the quest, as well as feel his remorse and pain when he comes to the realization that what he searched for may have been closer than he thought and not in the hills of Alaska or other locations.

Overall, this is a great movie. It is pretty long so you may need to watch it in parts as I did. If you're looking to be inspired and get an additional perspective on the world as well as see some beautiful shots of landscapes, it is definitely worth it.

Timberland Boots Also Designed Colorful Women Boots

Good timberland 6 inch premium also designed colorful women boots. Steel shank provides maximum support. With self leather padded collar for comfort around the ankle can protect men's feet get rid of odor. If these boots can serve him well while hiking the treacherous amazon, journeying the Australian outback, walking through the African savannah, and even help in the task of wrestling crocodiles, think of what these boots could do for you!Even Steve Erwin, the late crocodile hunter, always wore a pair of fashional timberland 6 inch boot women on her hunts and safaris.

These online stores also offer you flexible payment mode. Therefore, if you want more savings in lovely cheap timberland boots womens 6 inch purchasing, then give preference to online shopping and get the benefits of it. Good discounted timberland 6 inch boots are also known for their extreme durability and reliability, lasting through many years and can withstand all the rigors of wear, weather and terrain.This is amazing extensive impact. Hope that the superior makes them well deserved big selling cast search..These, combined with their stylish design, make a pair of perfect shoes can not never own.

Shawshank redeems Hollywood

Can Hollywood, usually creating things for entertainment purposes only, create art? To create something of this nature, a director must approach it in a most meticulous manner, due to the delicacy of the process. Such a daunting task requires an extremely capable artist with an undeniable managerial capacity and an acutely developed awareness of each element of art in their films, the most prominent; music, visuals, script, and acting. These elements, each equally important, must succeed independently, yet still form a harmonious union, because this mixture determines the fate of the artist's opus. Though already well known amongst his colleagues for his notable skills at writing and directing, Frank Darabont emerges with his feature film directorial debut, The Shawshank Redemption. Proving himself already a master of the craft, Darabont managed to create one of the most recognizable independent releases in the history of Hollywood. The Shawshank Redemption defines a genre, defies the odds, compels the emotions, and brings an era of artistically influential films back to Hollywood. 

The story begins with the trial of a young banker, Andy Dufrense, victimized by circumstantial evidence, resulting in a conviction for the murder of his wife and her lover. After a quick conviction, Andy finds himself serving a life sentence at Shawshank prison, with no hope of parole. He exists in this prison only in appearance, keeping his mind free from the drab walls around him. His ability to do this results in the gaining of respect from his fellow inmates, but most of all from Ellis Redding. Ellis, commonly referred to as Red, finds gainful use of his entrepreneurial spirit within the drab walls of Shawshank by dealing in contraband and commodities rare to the confines of prison. Andy's demeanor and undeniable sense of hope causes Red to take a deeper look at himself, and the world around him. Andy proves to Red and the other inmates that in the conventional walls of Shawshank prison convention will find no home in his lifestyle. 

By creating the film's firm foundation, the meticulously chiseled screenplay paved the way for this film's success. Frank Darabont outdoes himself with the phenomenal adaptation of Stephen King's equally noteworthy novella, Rita Hayworth and Shawshank Redemption. In this novella, King demonstrates that he can break free from the genre he dominates and still create a marvelous piece of modern literature. Though the film mirrors the novella in many ways, Darabont illustrates a focused objective of improving upon the areas where the novella came up short, resulting in one of the best book to film transitions ever. 

While maintaining some of the poetic and moving dialogue of the novella, Darabont also proves that a film's score can generate a great deal of emotional response from its audience, as dialogue does. He employs the cunning Thomas Newman, son of the legendary Hollywood composer, Alfred Newman. Darabont shows recognition for the film's needs by employing Newman, who makes the gentle piano chords whisper softly to the viewer, as if a part of the scripted dialogue. Newman lends himself to individualism and tends to drive more towards the unique in the realm of score composition. His effort in Shawshank did not go unnoticed, as his score received an Oscar nomination in 1995. While unique and independent, Newman's score never once intrudes on your concentration or distracts from the film. 

With work from vast array of talented scene designers, costume designers, composers, cinematographers, and various other Hollywood artists, the cast of The Shawshank Redemption had a strong foundation to work with. The marvelous cast of this film will dazzle you with some of the most convincing performances you will witness in a film. While both Tim Robbins and Morgan Freeman shine as Andy and Red, respectively, the true spectacle of acting lies within the plethora of amazing supporting actors who easily disappear into their roles. Most noticeable of these, the veteran film star James Whitmore, who portrays the elderly Brooks Hatlen. Brooks, a man incarcerated for an unmentioned crime for so long that he finds himself attached to the Shawshank and the daily life he has lead. Each of these actors show a true dedication to their art, and a focused purpose in their motivations, creating a convincing setting that never once caters to anything unbelievable. 

With all of the aesthetic touches and attention to cinematic detail, the most beautiful part of the film lies within its thematic material, such as its focus on the human desires for the most abstract concepts, like hope and freedom. These themes, which concern things the human spirit undoubtedly yearns for, seem so intricately woven into the plot that it easily draws its audience in to its story. Though full of hardened criminals, your heart will go out to these men as they display the most basic of human emotions, and deliver some of the most quotable lines in a film to date. Like a great novel, this film manages to succeed at greater things than simply entertaining an audience. Darabont tells his story most masterfully, illustrating principles and inspiring his audience to think. He leaves us a poignant film with a powerful message of hope, and redemption, something we all seek. 

This film manages to redeem Hollywood in the eyes of people who feared it long lost in a dark sea of clichés and predictability. Darabont shows us that artists still work in the Hollywood studios and production facilities. These artists show their capability to produce art; real art that inspires you to look at the deeper aspects of life and the world around you. The Shawshank Redemption delivers much-needed breath of fresh air for anyone who realizes the capability of film. It proves that masters of the craft still live on this earth, and still bless us with timeless masterpieces that we will never forget.

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Timberland roll top boots sale is the ideal shoes for those who like or required to spend most of their time to do outdoor sports.The boots will give their feet more comfortable and suitable than that other brands shoes can give.We all know that timberland boots are well-known as their high quality and durability.So the series of timberland roll top boot wheat products are widely used in different outdoor sports.

With the improvement of our daily life, people have paid more attentions on their healthy.More and more outdoor sports such as hiking,climbing and so on are welcomed by them.A pair of good shoes is very necessary for theri activities.Timberland mens boots are absolutely their ideal requirement for outdoor sports.The boots are made of the finest materials which not only can make the wearer feel comfortable, but also very durable.No matter timberland boots or men's style, they are all made of the finest leathers and actual craftmanship.So they are really reliable and strong.

So you can rest assured to do your outdoor sports with these boots.Now if you want to have a pair of such good shoes,you can visit to our online store where you can get timberland roll top boots sale with free shipping.Grasp your chance to buy one.

Cheap children's swimwear girls on sale

Whether you are a young Mum with children at school or a mid life lady looking after your fitness and joints by doing Aqua Aerobics or an older lady at Hydro-Therapy, chlorine resistant swimwear is the way to go. Remember the life expectancy of polyester is 15-20 times longer than Nylon Lycra is chlorine pools. Also remember that salt water pools still contain chlorine. The salt goes through a chlorinator converting it to chlorine long enough to kill the germs in the water.

Comfortable Summer Of The Election—Sexy children's swimwear girls,You will also find that all suits that are colored having lining, but the lining is so thin and lightweight it hardly weight anything at all. Fabrics also feature silky textures, and the stitching at the top is straightened out once again, and all zig zag topstitching has been removed. The means to make adjustments to the fit and the designer cut has been greatly reduced. The great thing we really like about most wholingerie Swimsuits is that we are modestly priced considering the quality that you get.

Hot Cute Sweet Pink Sexy Bra For Sexy Babydoll

Babydoll lingerie together with honeymoon has been perhaps considered as a package, yet such kind of lingerie piece is simply not only for married people. The sheer Sweet Pink Sexy Babydoll lingerie, for instance, will let you to keep warm in a relationship since such item is designed in such a way to add the affection between you and your partner.
Our sweet pink sexy bra top babydoll design is flattering to a variety of body shapes and sizes, using detailing to enhance different parts of the body. Larger busted women should look for styles with fully shaped cups and soft curves. A smaller bust can be enhanced by push-up cups and detailing such as gathers or darts. Petite women will look best in simpler babydolls with a minimum of frills, while larger women can draw the eye to smaller parts of the body through the strategic use of design details.
As a woman, you know how fabulous you feel on a good hair day. If you have a wonderful piece of ladies sheer nightwear, every night could be a version of a good hair day. You might even get a better night's sleep.

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