Tom Cruise Workout and Diet for Mission Impossible

Tom cruise workout diet
Tom Cruise maintains a consistent level of fitness
Tom Cruise: The “Sexiest Man Alive”
What’s it like being the sexiest man alive? That’s a question Tom Cruise would probably have no problem answering. The 5’7’’, 145 pound, famous good-looking Hollywood actor has proven himself to be internationally popular including  magazine covers like BAZAAR, Entertainment Weekly, Vizon Erkek Magazine, Teleweek, VIVA, OK!, Fotogramas, Details Magazine and People Magazine.
Thomas Cruise Maphother IV was born in Syracuse, New Jersey on July 3, 1962. He moved around to different cities around America with his family had a pretty rough life growing up. His parents had gotten divorced when he was around eleven years old, his father died about ten years later and his family had points in time when they had to use food stamps just to eat. When he was 21 years old he got his first role in Risky Business (1983). He immediately became a hot celebrity overnight and ever since, Tom has been showing off his skills and looks through many other movies like: Mission: Impossible, A Few Good Men, Rain Man, Top Gun, Jerry Maguire, The Firm, and Mission: Impossible 2,3 and 4. He has won many awards from the Gold Globe, Oscar, People’s Choice, BAFTA, and the Screen Actor Guild Awards.

Matthew Francis Nolan is also being investigated for a bank fraud scheme

The brother of "The Dark Knight" director Christopher Nolan is facing murder and kidnapping charges after being arrested in Chicago.

According to the Chicago Sun-Times, Matthew Francis Nolan, 40, who was arrested in February for the kidnapping and murder of Florida businessman Robert C. Cohen in Costa Rica in 2005, is also being investigated for an unrelated $700,000 bank-fraud scheme.

As for the murder in Central America, Nolan allegedly schemed with accomplice Douglas Mejia to recover $7 million that Cohen owed to another Florida man.

Reports say Nolan met Cohen at the hotel under the pretense of doing business with him. An accomplice kidnapped Cohen and then the schemers tried to extort money from the businessman's family.

Costa Rican authorities then claim that when that didn't work, the men killed Cohen.

Things We Saw Today: New Steampunk Star Wars Figures

Here are just the latest interpretations of what the Star Wars cast would look like if they were battling the Sith in 1945. Although, Star Wars already takes place a “long time ago,” but I guess in that “galaxy far, far away,” things were more advanced than they were on Earth. (At Bit Rebels)

First, a retraction: Joseph Gordon-Levitt is not playing Alberto Falcone in The Dark Knight Rises. This was always a little on the rumory side, then it looked confirmed, and now it’s confirmed that it’s not confirmed at all. Upon hearing of the confusion, JGL made the following face and then ate an entire can of spinach (at Topless Robot):
But speaking of Christopher Nolan movies (at The Next Web):
An essay over at Massively discusses the inequalities between female and male characters in video games and how no matter how significant the female character, she is most likely not dressed (enough) for battle. Example:
I will name him Squishy, and he will be mine! (Even though he is not a jellyfish, he just looks like a Squishy!) (At Design You Trust)
In 1981, Carl Sagan wrote a letter to The Explorer’s Club expressing his feelings about their refusal to admit women since they formed in 1904. He wrote: “If membership in The Explorers Club is restricted to men, the loss will be ours; we will only be depriving ourselves … admission should be open to all qualified members of the human species.” Later that year, they began admitting women. Click to enlarge. (At Letters of Note)
To celebrate 15 years of South Park, the show’s creators Matt Stone and Trey Parker along with street artist Ron English are curating the South Park Art Gallery, which will run from March 28 – April 10 at Opera Gallery in NYC. (At The High Definite)
As a response to John Scalzi’s epublishing bingo card, this traditional publishing version was created. (At Boing Boing)
So, this exists. (Eat Sleep Draw via I Heart Chaos)
And finally, Ewan McGregor says that we will not be seeing him naked anymore, and that is truly sad. But his reason is valid. (At Celebitchy)

Christopher Nolan Is Snubbed By The Academy Awards AGAIN!

Understandable! If we were to give one complaint about the nominations, this would definitely be it!
Out of all the just-announced Academy Award nominations, it seems that the most backlash seems to be coming from Inception director Christopher Nolan's omission from the category of 'Best Director!'
While he was on the list of nominees - alongside Darren Aronofsky, David Fincher, David O. Russell, and Tom Hooper - for the 2011 Directors Guild of America, he is the ONLY one who didn't pick up an Academy Award nomination, instead being replaced by Joel and Ethan Coen!
And this is the THIRD time it's happened - he was previously nominated by the DGA for Memento and The Dark Knight, but snubbed when the Oscar nominations came around!
What gives?!
We think that given the consistently innovative and original material he produces, he deserves his name on that list! It's more than about time, guys!

chris nolan leo sbiff photshoot 165

chris nolan leo sbiff photshoot 165

File:Christopher Nolan at WonderCon 2010 2.JPG


Tom Cruise: Biography

  1. Between ages 6 and 7, Tom Cruise was used as a smooching guinea pig: His sister's friends would sit him on the kitchen sink and practice kissing him on the lips.
  2. At 14, Tom Cruise spent a year at a Franciscan seminary in Cincinnati and even took a vow of celibacy.
  3. Tom Cruise had no interest in acting until a knee injury forced him to quit high school wrestling and he tried out for a school play.
  4. Tom Cruise once had a standing offer to pose nude for Playgirl. "He'd look pretty good in a race car, or maybe the cockpit of a plane," editor Nanci S. Martin said in 1990. "He'd look good on top of a white sheet. He'd look good in anything."
  5. A Disney source told PEOPLE in 1992 that Tom Cruise was the inspiration for Aladdin's hunky mug. Photos of the actor decorated the office of the top animator responsible for the title character in the film.

Tom Cruise
August 05

No Risky Move

Cruise's first big movie, Risky Business, opens. Dancing in his underwear, Cruise, 21, lands at the top of Hollywood. EW calls it a "teen comedy that had the unexpected grace of a screwball farce."
Tom Cruise
May 12

Top Dollar

Cruise takes to the skies as jet jock Maverick in Top Gun, the year's biggest moneymaker. It earns $170 million by December.
Tom Cruise
May 09

(Very Quiet) Wedding Bells

In a ceremony so secret even his publicist is left in the dark, Cruise marries girlfriend of a year and a half Mimi Rogers in a Unitarian ceremony in upstate New York. The actor's close friend Emilio Estevez is the best man. In January 1990, Cruise and Roge

Tom Cruise Risky Business Costume

tom cruise risky business costume

Tom Cruise & Suri Ride the Tea Cups at Disneyland

Tom Cruise
Never one to sit on the sidelines – unless he's rooting for his kids at a sports game – Tom Cruise loves a big gesture, whether it's couch jumping on Oprah or doing his own stunts.

The Oscar-nominated actor, who once considered becoming a Catholic priest, now belongs to the Church of Scientology, which he believes helped him overcome dyslexia. His divorce from Nicole Kidman drew attention, but not nearly as much as his whirlwind romance with Katie Holmes.

Before Holmes gave birth to daughter Suri, Cruise criticized actress Brooke Shields for taking antidepressants for postpartum depression. Though he has since apologized, Paramount Pictures severed their 14-year relationship, claiming that his off-screen antics hurt ticket sales. Cruise has since signed with Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Studios Inc. to resurrect United Artists, where he will star in and produce films


Tom Cruise Has Katie Holmes by His Side For a Sexy MI4 NYC

Mission Impossible Ghost Protocol Movie

 Tom Cruise waited for the right script to return to the role of Ethan Hunt in the Mission Impossible franchise with Ghost Protocol. This movie cooks. Gone are the plot mysteries of the first incarnation and the action that was so expertly executed in the second and third films has been taken to another level in Ghost Protocol. The story works on so many levels and what’s so incredible is the plot is never sacrificed for thrills. Director Brad Bird has crafted a Mission masterpiece.
Tom Cruise Stars in Mission Impossible Ghost Protocol
Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol begins its action in Russia when the IMF team (which includes Mission veteran Simon Pegg and newcomers Jeremy Renner and Paula Patton) is charged with breaking into the Kremlin for a piece of intelligence that, if fallen into the wrong hands, could start a nuclear war. Immediately the audience can tell how smart this Mission is while still being mesmerized by the disguises, action sequences and jaw-dropping suspense.

The stakes could not be higher in Ghost Protocol. By establishing nuclear war as the potential end game, every moment on screen pops with tension. But, there is also a fair share of humor. Much of it is courtesy of Pegg. With his comic background and acting chops, his Benji is not only the comic relief amongst a sea of suspense, but also he can button it up when the scenes call for seriousness.

Renner and Patton join Cruise’s team and are astounding additions. Patton is no wallflower. Her Agent Jane is painted as a veteran of many IMF missions. She is so fierce, we could see her character as an equal in a Bond film. Renner’s Agent Brandt is somewhat of a mystery. He is capable of greatness, but in Renner’s performance, there is something in the character’s past that is clearly haunting him. The actor makes his pain palpable and his performance is pitch perfe

Don-2 latest full story and Review


We've come a long way, baby. The first time we met Ethan Hunt in 1996's Mission Impossible, our local movie theatres were playing an Akshay Kumar actioner in which he mud-wrestled with Rekha -and fought an Undertaker knock-off. Fifteen years on, Tom Cruise -comes to India -to promote Hunt's latest adventure, seven days after which we find Shah Rukh Khan -hanging upside down in a chamber with a pressure-controlled floor -- just like Hunt did in that first Brian De Palma film. And here's the cool thing: Farhan Akhtar  makes it just as slick.

Don 2, Akhtar's latest, is a glossy, unashamed action offering polished within an inch of itself, visually coming together seamlessly and effectively. The floors shine enough to reflect stampeding boots (which also shine), explosives obey their detonators, guns click into place with satisfyingly precise and appropriately amplified CLICKS, cars chase each other with murderous grace, and the bad guy -- when not wearing a pretty face -- is clad in white and reluctant to kneel because of the potential punishment to his trousers.So yes, a very impressively produced film indeed.  Akhtar's hero has never looked better -- as evidenced by the lovely girl in the seat next to mine gasping louder and louder -- and, unencumbered by the lack of a classic film to be compared against, both director and actor are visibly liberated, having a blast making this film about a slimy (but shiny) antagonist who wants nothing to do with redemption.

 And this is vital, for in a film where it's clear that the stakes of the story are lower than the costs of its production, what hooks the audience is the opportunity to see an assured director and a superstar genuinely enjoying themselves -- like Steven Soderbergh and George Clooney -in the Ocean's Eleven series, for example. (By the by, that also happens to be the only other example I can come up with for a remade classic that spawned its own independent franchise.)Imagine, however, Ocean's Three. Where Clooney was given not just his own lines, but all of Brad's and Matt's and Elliot Gould's, leaving supporting actors to stand and stare while he did his own thing.
 I'd have to admit that still sounds charming on paper, and this version of it could have been, if only Shah Rukh Khan hadn't also decided to boast about the fact that he has the best lines. There is a degree of over-the-top acting suited to a role and genre like this, but Khan slaughters his lines (and Akhtar's given him some fine, fun ones) by deliberating over each of them and delivering them fatally overbaked, pausing long enough mid-punchline to sneer and smirk, and then waiting after the line to allow us a moment to laugh or whistle.

That self-sure smugness asphyxiates the dialogue and robs it and Don, the character, of his coolth. Leaving us with a good-looking caricature of an actor, one that needs now to be reined in.Yet even this hammy hubris isn't the film's fatal flaw. It's evident in the very first few minutes that Khan is going to chew scenery like a particularly ravenous goat, but he does it with flair and it's hard not to be seduced by the perfectly manicured film Akhtar builds around his star.
 It is as the film goes on that it becomes painfully clear that while the film gives us a memorable villain, there is nothing that stands in his way. It's the genre of the cat-and-mouse chase, and while we always watch despite Jerry invariably beating Tom, here there is no feline worthy of usurping Don's cream leaving us with a King Rat, never imperiled, never really challenged, more than free to proclaim himself lord of the cheese.Which means the film soon flattens out into inevitable boredom, the climax dragging on and on (and making me long for a secret scarlet diary).
Boman Irani -has perhaps two good scenes in the film; Priyanka Chopra's -screen-eclipsingly large lips do more than she does (possibly because her character is such a wishy-washy bore, straddled with bad lines and an incompetent assistant); Lara Dutta -reminds us that she has a nice smile and can speak in English without making us wince, unlike most of our girls;
 A man in a scenestealing cameo makes us wish he could speak in Khan's voice; Kunal Kapoor -predictably has trouble keeping a straight face; and Om Puri -better have gotten paid well. But none of them matter, for this is one man's film, and he -- like the film itself -- looks really good, but ends up being a drag.


Movie Review: The Nonsensical, Wonderful Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol


Tom Cruise plays Ethan Hunt in MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE – GHOST PROTOCOL, from Paramount Pictures and Skydance Productions. Tom Cruise plays Ethan Hunt in MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE – GHOST PROTOCOL, from Paramount Pictures and Skydance Productions.
Drop Everything and Watch This Ad for Rob Lowe’s Lifetime Movie

The fourth Mission: Impossible picture, Mission: Impossible: Ghost Protocol opens in IMAX a week before other theaters, and it’s worth a hefty surcharge and even a long drive to see it on the big, big, big screen and let director Brad Bird slam you around for a couple of hours. Bird makes the mighty leap here to live action from modern animation classics like The Iron Giant, The Incredibles, and Ratatouille, and I suspect it’s an in-joke (a good one) the way the brave IMF agents wince and quaver and quietly fume on ledges or while hovering over whirling blades or, in one case, 130 stories above the Earth as if they’re in the hands of a prankster god accustomed to maneuvering cartoon characters. Bird’s sense of humor survives intact: The movie is wonderful, nonsensical fun.

Review: Tom Cruise leads the best team yet in sensational 'Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol'

Review: Tom Cruise leads the best team yet in sensational 'Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol'
This may be one of the few moments in the entire film where Tom Cruise is not onscreen for 'Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol,' as Paula Patton, Simon Pegg, and Jeremy Renner plan the IMF team's next move
The "Mission: Impossible" franchise is a strange one.

For one thing, I think people often misuse the word "franchise."  Just because they make a few sequels to a movie, that doesn't automatically qualify that thing as a franchise.  I think of that more as a description of a film property (or book property or game property… whatever sort of IP you want to substitute) that features a basic idea or premise that can be endlessly refigured to fit new casts, new creative teams, and new storytelling styles, with little real regard for continuity.  "Mission: Impossible," from the moment it first aired as a television show, has offered up a near-perfect franchise engine, a premise so simple, so feather-light, that you can do anything with it, and as long as you strike those same few notes, it's recognizably "Mission: Impossible."

Over the weekend, I rewatched the first three "Mission: Impossible" films on Blu-ray.  I've always been fond of the first one, and looking at it now, it's one of those early CGI-era movies that reaches for some groundbreaking stuff in how action is staged and shot that doesn't totally work on a technical level, but that deserves respect for pushing the envelope as much as it did.  More than that, though, it's a fun piece of pop culture subversion that was designed to acknowledge the old school, then annihilate the old school, then introduce Tom Cruise as the new school.  Brian De Palma made each set piece feel like he was having fun, and it was big and complex and sleek and absolutely proved that it would work on the big screen.

The second film is so bad that it feels like someone who was very angry at John Woo decided to make a MAD-magazine-style parody of John Woo films and then release it with his name attached as director.  Awful.

The third film was the first that really tried to give a continuity and a weight to Ethan Hunt as the center of the film series.  The first two films are "Mission: Impossible" adventures that happen to star Ethan Hunt.  The third film was all about Ethan's desire to live a normal life, to leave fieldwork behind, to marry Julia (Michelle Monahan), and to finally just wear one face, his own.  There was a real sense of team in the last film, and I liked the chemistry that existed between Ving Rhames, Jonathan Rhys-Meyers and Maggie Q.  And, speaking of Q, the third film introduced Benji Dunn, played by Simon Pegg, who played a comic spin on Q, very much the same role that existed on "Alias."  I knew as soon as I saw Pegg's two moments that he was going to get bumped up for more if they ever did a sequel.  That third film is not about a global threat or terrorist, but instead about karma screwing Ethan Hunt around when he tries to put his bloodstained past behind him, and it worked for one film to focus in at Ethan instead of out at a big spy movie story.

This time out, the threat is full-blown nuclear war, worldwide, so I think it's safe to say the stakes are a little higher here.

Tom Cruise keeps action-star status in new 'Mission: Impossible'

Film Review Mission Impossible
Free Tom Cruise!
The star of four "Mission: Impossible" films (and countless variations on the hotshot scenario in "Top Gun") is a captive of the new reality that Hollywood makes most of its money overseas. As a producer of the "M:I" franchise, he's heavily invested in an international currency: action movies. Character development slows the money machine.
In "Mission: Impossible — Ghost Protocol," the actor's loss is the producer's gain. It's an export-quality vehicle with American muscle under the hood.
The world-class mechanic is Brad Bird, the Oscar-winning director of the animated "Ratatouille" and "The Incredibles," who applies the pacing and spatial freedom of a 'toon to a live-action thriller.
The race through emerging media markets begins in Moscow, where Yankee secret agent Ethan Hunt is in prison for settling a very personal score. He's sprung by two new members of the Impossible Missions Force — honeytrap Jane (Paula Patton) and comic-relief Benji (Simon Pegg) — to infiltrate the Kremlin and stop a mad scientist (Michael Nyqvist) from stealing a nuclear detonator.
But after a deadly snafu, the entire IMF is disavowed by the feds. Hunt's team, joined by shadowy tag-along Brandt (Jeremy Renner), has to go rogue to buy the launch codes in Dubai and deactivate a killer satellite in Mumbai.
Those are scenic locales, and Bird makes the most of them. The high-wire deception in Dubai is enacted at the Burj Khalifa hotel, the world's tallest building, and includes a car chase through a sandstorm. The mission in Mumbai involves Jane seducing a media mogul (Anil Kapoor) and Hunt battling a bad guy on the multilevel merry-go-round of a mechanized parking garage.
Cruise, as usual, is unscathed in the middle of some spectacular stunts. He only stumbles near the finish line, when he tries to tell the team "You complete me." As an actor, he's out of practice, but as a bulletproof action hero, he's impressive on cruise control.

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Ten Best Tom Cruise Movie Characters

The ten best Tom Cruise movie characters include Ron Kovic in Born on the Fourth of July, Lt. Daniel Kaffee in A Few Good Men, Ethan Hunt in Mission: Impossible, Vincent Lauria in The Color of Money, Maverick in Top Gun, Mitch McDeere in The Firm, Lestat de Lioncourt in Interview with the Vampire, Stefen Djordjevic in All the Right Moves and Cadet Captain David Shawn in Taps.
Hollywood superstar Tom Cruise has made his share of blockbuster films. Born Thomas Cruise Mapother IV in Syracuse, New York, on July 3, 1962. Cruise made his motion picture debut as Billy in Endless Love (1981).
Here are the ten best Tom Cruise movie characters. It's beautiful, man!
Tom Cruise as Ron Kovic, Born on the Fourth of July (Universal, 1989)
Tom Cruise appears as the real-life Ron Kovic, a young marine who returns home from the Vietnam War as a paraplegic. Once a gung ho supporter of the war, Kovic's perceptions gradually change following his return back to "the world." Although perceived by many to be just another Hollywood pretty boy up to this time, Cruise proved his critics wrong, delivering a powerful performance as the disillusioned Kovic, who braves two tours of duty in 'Nam, a brutal stay at a VA hospital and the realization that he will never be whole again. In one scene, an angry Kovic unloads on his mother (Caroline Kava), shouting, "Thou shalt not kill, Mom. Thou shalt not kill women and children! Thou shalt not kill! Remember? Isn't that what you taught us? Isn't that what they taught us?" Cruise earned a richly-deserved Best Actor Oscar nomination.

Tom Cruise as Ron Kovic in Born on the Fourth of July (1989) - Universal Pictures
Tom Cruise as Lt. Daniel Kaffee, A Few Good Men (Columbia, 1992)

The Many Faces of Tom Cruise

Tom Cruise may not exactly be able to lose himself within a particular role in the same way that chameleon-esque actors such as Sean Penn or Gary Oldman are able to do, but one things for damn sure…Tom Cruise sure gives great face! Whether he's playing a cocksure a**hole who learns a valuable lesson about love, an arrogant jerkwad who turns over a new leaf as a caring human being or even an overly-confident tool who begins to see the world in a different light once the tables are turned, Tom Cruise brings the face and brings it hard!

He might have a chiseled chin and a dashing brow, but he'll grimace, scowl and furrow with the best of them. It doesn't matter if he's trying to outrun an alien armageddon in New Jersey, asking Nicole Kidman if she likes his invisible hat in a bad Irish accent, using explosive gum to destroy a helicopter in a train tunnel or demanding to be exposed to a large amount of cash at the top of his lungs, Cruise has a veritable "Blue Steel" well of expressions to draw from.

With Knight and Day, staring Cruise and Cameron Diaz, opening nationwide today, we invite you to join us as we take a journey – a cruise if you will – through the many myriad faces of Tom "Respect the C@#%" Cruise!

Top Gun
The "Take My Breath Away" Maverick Grin

Take it easy. We're quoting the Berlin song from Gun and not admitting that Cruise and his dreamy…majestic…smile has any kind of allure…to us…sorry! Got swept up in the pearly whites there. This trademark smile was the basic amino acid signature for Cruise's early movie career as a guy who could assuage your fears and let you know that everything was going to be okay because, "Hey, it's me!" Of course, in Top Gun, Maverick's devil-may-care attitude wound up getting his best friend, and even more bestest volleyball buddy, Goose, ejector-murdered – but dammit, something had to wind up traumatizing him and teaching him that life is a never-ending downpour of disappointment. *snaps teeth together* Even to this day, Maverick catches himself raising his hand for a high-five, only to realize that no one will ever be there to share his need…his need for speed.


Katie Holmes Reveals That She Fell for Tom Cruise at First Sight

Thank You for Smoking actress Katie Holmes has revealed that she fell for her husband Tom Cruise when they first met.  The pair had decided to meet up to discuss a movie & when Tom shook her hand for the first time she knew it had to be him for the rest of her life.  Gag!
After a fairytale wedding in November in an Italian castle, it looks like Holmes has it all these days.
In Harper’s Bazaar Katie reveals she & Tom’s first date, saying, “In Los Angeles, my first motorcycle ride…to the beach. It was amazing and fast.
“I was in love from the moment that I shook his hand for the first time.”
28-year-old Holmes gave birth to her & Cruise’s child Suri back in April.  Suri, along with Cruise’s adopted children Connor & Isabella, have given Katie a family that she loves.

What This Weekend's Box Office Says About Us

When it was all said and done, Tom Cruise had the most to smile about this New Years as ‘Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol’ once again found itself atop the weekend box office. The film took in $31.3 million bringing it to a total of $134.1 million, which is $.1 million dollars more than ‘Mission Impossible III’ made during it’s entire run! Wow. Money.

Tom Cruise Photo 014


SLIDESHOW: Tom Cruise love

Most Famous Tom Cruise

Tom Cruise

20 years of Best Actor nominees

Much like my earlier post featuring my ten favorite performances nominated for Best Actress at the Oscars since 1989, I bring you my top performances nominated for Best Actor. However, there was no way I could limit this list to ten, even paring it down to fifteen was pretty hard. So here goes nothing. If you’re interested in buying any of the films listed below, click here.
1. Jack Nicholson – As Good As It Gets (1997)
Jack in this movie is a revelation. He is such an asshole, yet somehow vulnerable. I’ve loved this movie since I first saw it in the theaters so many years ago. I think this is a timeless performance and definitely my favorite from Nicholson.
2. Tom Cruise – Jerry Maguire (1996)
I will always love this performance. Cameron Crowe wrote a perfect character and no one could play him the way Tom Cruise did. This is another film I saw in theaters when it first came out, which is almost 15 years ago now, and I’ve seen this movie a million time. I could watch it a million more times and not grow tired of this character.
3. Roberto Benigni – Life Is Beautiful (1998)
This is one of the  most heartbreaking and heartwarming performances of all time. Who doesn’t cry when Guido does a silly walk as he gets marched off to be executed so his son remains unscathed by the horrors of the Holocaust? If you don’t cry I’m not sure I want to know you. And when he won and climbed literally climbed over people to get to the stage will go down as one of the most memorable moments in Oscar history.
4. Ralph Fiennes – The English Patient (1996)
Ralph Fiennes breaks my heart. Like I said in my earlier post The English Patient is my favorite movie of all time. And Ralph Fiennes is perfection in the role of Almasy. At first he’s reserved and a bit arrogant, eventually he becomes impassioned and as the films comes to a close his desperation is harrowing. And that’s just Almasy in the past. This is almost a dual role, as half the film Fiennes is covered in make up to look as though his body is covered in fiery scars. There is such gentle and heartbreaking resignation in this version of Almasy, he breaks my heart all over again.
5. Johnny Depp – Pirates of the Carribean: The Curse of the Black Pearl (2003)
Give Johnny the Oscar already dammit! He would get his first nomination almost 20 years into his career for playing a pirate. I was so excited when he won the SAG award for this and I really thought Oscar would go his way too. I think this is one of the greatest constructed performances of all time. I try to ignore the sequels, because what we see in this film is all Johnny and what we see in the sequels is writers trying to write what he did and failing miserably. Regardless, I will always love this first film.
6. Russell Crowe – A Beautiful Mind (2001)
As much as I loved Russell Crowe in Gladiator (and his priceless face when he won), I wish he’d won for A Beautiful Mind. I’ve read the biography on which this film is based and I must say in the book John Nash comes off as giant asshole (as does Alicia and practically everyone else mentioned). But in this film, largely I think due to Crowe’s performance, Nash is relatable and as a viewer you really hope he can get ahold of his delusions and learn how to function in society and when he does you can’t help but cheer. This is a beautiful film and a beautiful performance that I find myself returning to again and again.
7. Mickey Rourke – The Wrestler (2008)
If ever I wanted the Academy to call it a tie, last year was that year. But if I had to choose, I would have chosen Mickey Rourke. As I told my mother after we watched Milk and she commented on how subtle Sean Penn’s performance was, I kept telling her wait til you see Mickey Rourke. “How could it be more subtle?,” she said. And then we watched The Wrestler and all she could say was “oh.” Even my brother was taken in by this groundbreaking performance, having come in for during the last 30 minutes only. Even though ultimately Rourke lost to Penn, this film really does mark the resurrection of a very talented actor and I cannot wait to see more wonderful performances from him in the future. 
8. Matt Damon – Good Will Hunting (1997)
Matt Damon, oh Matt Damon, you are too wonderful. Speaking a mile a minute, this is his breakthrough performance and a prefect introduction to an actor whose career has been, aside from a few dogs, stellar ever since.


Tropic Thunder star Tom Cruise left it late to get his teeth fixed

Tropic Thunder star Tom Cruise left it late to get his teeth fixed. It was reported his bite was out of alignment, causing a crossbite. He mainly wore clear braces, but didn't need them long as the work was only minor. Jonathan Sandler, a consultant ortho

Tom Cruise is not dead


Actor Tom Cruise smiles before the start of a National Football League game between the New York Jets and Washington Redskins in East Rutherford, New Jersey,August, 16 2008.
Actor Tom Cruise smiles before the start of a National Football League game between the New York Jets and Washington Redskins in East Rutherford, New Jersey,August, 16 2008.(Xinhua/Reuters Photo)Photo Gallery>>>
    BEIJING, Oct. 20 -- Tom Cruise did not plunge to his death from a cliff in New Zealand on Wednesday morning.
    The 46-year-old actor - who has two adopted children with ex-wife Nicole Kidman and a biological daughter with wife Katie Holmes - admits he was as surprised as anybody when he heard internet rumours he had either fallen or jumped off the country's famous Kauri Cliffs.
    Tom's representative Jeff Raymond said: "This is completely not true. Tom is not in New Zealand nor has he been there recently. This is erroneous and unreliable internet garbage."
This is not the first time a false report about the cliffs has made it onto the web.

    Two years ago, it was reported 'Castaway' actor Tom Hanks had fallen from the sheer drop and died.
    It was later discovered the story had stemmed from a hoax website which allows users to type celebrities' names into story templates.
    (Source: China Daily /Agencies)
Cast member Tom Cruise poses with his wife actress Katie Holmes at the premiere of "Tropic Thunder" at the Mann's Village theatre in Westwood, California August 11, 2008.
Cast member Tom Cruise poses with his wife actress Katie Holmes at the premiere of "Tropic Thunder" at the Mann's Village theatre in Westwood, California August 11, 2008. (Xinhua/Reuters Photo) 

Top 10: Tom Cruise Movies


10. Risky Business

For everyone who wonders what Tom Cruise looks like in his underwear, this is the film that made it possible. Cruise may have moved on to bigger and better things from here, but he’ll always have Bob Seeger to dance along with.

9. Mission Impossible

While Cruise in his underwear was a touchstone of the 80s, Cruise suspended from the ceiling, inches from the ground, is one of the iconic film images of the 90s. He probably appreciated the image shift.

8. Eyes Wide Shut

Cruise’s only collaboration with Stanley Kubrick and his final film with then-wife Nicole Kidman, this erotic thriller brought out a different Cruise, along with some different parts of Cruise.

7. Top Gun

It’s hard to forgive a movie that introduced us to Jerry Bruckheimer but, since it also brought us Meg Ryan, Anthony Edwards, and Cruise’s need for speed, we’ll forgive this 80’s classic.

6. War of the Worlds

Spielberg’s take on the science fiction classic mixed with post-9/11 themes and anxieties features Cruise playing a flawed, but determined father. It was more than enough to drive this film to great box office returns.

5. Magnolia