Tom Cruise wants mansion in Malta like Becks

London, Jan 29 (ANI): Tom Cruise is following in the footsteps of his Beverly Hills neighbor David Beckham by buying a mansion on the island of Malta.

However, the 49-year-old actor has set his estate agents a daunting task, as he wants a living room that measures 2,000sq ft.
The Mission Impossible star has hired Milan property firm Allessandro Proto Consulting, which had helped him find homes in London and Italy, to find a "suitable residence" on the Mediterranean island.
"Tom always wants to buy a new property to his exact -specifications, even if that entails knocking down a few walls," the Daily Express quoted a source as saying.
Apparently, Cruise fell in love with the island last year when he visited Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, who were renting Guarena Palace, an 18th-century fortress-like villa in Qrendi, while Pitt was filming World War Z.
The source also revealed that Malta could turn out to be the location for two sci-fi thrillers Cruise is planning to shoot this year, including We Mortals Are.
"Tom likes the idea of having both a vacation home for his family and a permanent working residence in a region noted for its great location backdrops and natural light," the source said.
"He almost certainly wants the living area so it can also be used as a meeting and entertaining room," the source added.
His wife Katie Holmes, 33, and their daughter Suri, six, are also said to have fallen in love with Malta. (ANI)

Tom Cruise's hand reading

If there was a single quality that one had to pick as a reason for Tom Cruise’s success, a quality without which he would never have made it, then it would be charisma. That is what his hands show. He has charisma and this gives him a persona that can charm, persuade and hypnotize. Several signs on his hand like the heavily developed Venus, the strong Moon mount, the position of the Head and Heart lines and the open thumb point towards this reading. The gap between his Head and Life lines is ideal as well: not too much, not too little. This shows that Tom has
the boldness and the confidence necessary for an actor to perform without being self conscious. Qualities which are underlined by the position of Tom's thumb. Check out a hand photo here.

Other major signs on Tom's hand are his broad palm, fingers which are on the shorter side with square tips and the Mercury and Jupiter mounts fairly well developed. These and other signs tell us that this is a good guy! A person with a warm heart and a friendly nature, as well as a broad-minded and understanding attitude.

The Headline and Jupiter mount tells us that Tom began his life in a very ambitious mode with a strong desire to accumulate wealth and fame, but as early as 30 his thoughts started to change and materialism started to take a back seat. Before he was forty, the materialism was almost gone. Such major changes in thinking in the span of a few years do not show emotional stability. Indeed, Tom can be moody and excitable.

He is also the kind who needs emotional support. If one compares the mounts of his hand, Mars is relatively less developed. He could only be truly happy with someone who is available, and emotionally connected to him. Someone who is encouraging and supportive at all times because of an inherent weakness of character (Headline and Mars combined effect plus Moon mount). Nicole Kidman could not have made him happy as she would have been emotionally distant and not available to him at all times.

When it comes to talent, Tom's Apollo finger, Headline and Moon Mount show creativity and skill. He certainly is talented, although not extremely so. It would be mainly his personality and charisma (and ofcourse his looks) which have got him where he is. Talent, looks, plus an outgoing and friendly personality are a great combination.

A lot has been said about Tom's affiliation to Scientology, but his hand does not show religious extremism in the least. What his hands show is idealism, and a strong belief in something (Jupiter finger) but it does not show blind belief. Perhaps because Tom is moody and tends to wear his heart on his sleeve, people misunderstand him. Besides, his warm and affectionate nature would predispose him to exposing his vulnerable side.

Sure, Tom has some negative traits. There is a streak of stubbornness in his personality and he can be quite controlling and manipulative when he wants something. This combined with his moodiness would not make him an easy man to live with. However his good qualities overshadow these personality traits.

Was Tom Cruise's Assistant a Spy for the Church of Scientology?


article image

The Village Voice posted a very interesting article last week about how the Church of Scientology’s leader had Tom Cruise’s assistant (another Scientologist) provide him with daily reports on the actor's life.

The spying started once Tom began seeing Nicole Kidman and he began to slowly cut ties with the church at the persistence of his soon-to-be bride and her parents. Unhappy to let a big star (and obvious obsession) pull away, the church's leader planted a spy to ensure that their aggressive plan to coax him back was tailored according to whatever weaknesses or problems Cruise had been facing.

So basically they spied on him, manipulated him, and then brainwashed him. Fun times!

The Church's defected second-highest ranking executive participated in these daily briefing calls and alleges Tom's assistant would tell him what was "happening with Nic [Nicole Kidman], what was happening in the household, and what was happening between Tom and Steven Spielberg." The reporting began in the early 1990s.

See, this is what happens when you roll with the Scientologists. You get your phone bugged, you are consistently followed around town by a non-descript white moving van, and someone goes through your trash. You can’t even trust your assistant.

Is this a church you would want to call you own?

Maybe I am just old school. I prefer a church where I only have to show up on Sundays or maybe even just major holidays. No one asks questions, they are just happy you are there and hopeful you will drop a large chuck of change in the offertory basket. I prefer a relationship with my Priest that is distant and cordial. They don’t need to know that I watch Keeping Up With the Kardashians while running on my treadmill or that sometimes I watch Jersey Shore while my daughter plays with her blocks beside me. I like them to think I pray regularly and spend all my free time giving back to others. Why bother them with the reality that I usually reserve praying for finding parking spots and sometimes when faced with attending an 8:00 am service or sleeping in my pillow usually wins?

An additional highlight from the article:

Tom Cruise talks to ashtrays.

"Cruise, who was coming off his star turn in Days of Thunder, was spending a lot of time at the base as church leader David Miscavige groomed him to be an ideal face for the movement. Part of becoming a more advanced Scientologist meant that Cruise needed to learn how to "audit" -- or counsel -- other church members. Headley was chosen to be audited by Cruise, and the two spent hours and hours performing standard Scientology "training routines." As Headley explained to me in 2009, these drills included Cruise instructing Headley to talk to ashtrays, bottles, and books.”

Have you ever had a meaningful conversation with a water bottle?

I can’t even get my husband to listen to me half the time. So how does one get an ashtray to talk back to them?


Was Tom Cruise's Assistant a Spy for the Church of Scientology?


article image

Monday, January 30, 2012 Tom Cruise To Make Movie About The Abduction Of Ben on Kos Island

Hollywood actor Tom Cruise is apparently getting ready to shoot a film on the island of Kos centered around the story of Ben Needham. Almost two decades ago, Ben Needham was abducted in Kos and he is one of the longest-running missing person’s cases in British ­history but his search has never received the same level of publicity as that of Madeleine McCann. Moved by the incident, Tom Cruise helped spread the word of Ben’s disappearance recently by sending a tweet to well over 2.4 million ­followers. Others followed including singer Boy George and actress Jennifer Saunders. As a result of the celebrity involvement, the following day Scottish Television (STV) and ITV Calendar both did a story on Ben. The very next day 5 UK Tabloid newspapers also ran the story. The result of the day was Ben's story gaining a lot more publicity worldwide once again, and both the Facebook page and Twitter account exceeded 10,000 followers. And now an article in the protothema newspaper in Greece said that Tom Cruise's production company is planning to make a movie about this tragic event. This is wonderful news. We wish this family the very best. We have posted a picture of Ben from their website, but if you want to know more on what happened to Ben and read the timeline, then visit http://www.helpfindben.co.uk

The Thin White Dude's Reviews - Mission: Impossible - Gho

Directed by: Brad Bird

Produced by: Tom Cruise
J.J. Abrams
Bryan Burk

Screenplay by: Andre Nemec
Josh Applebaum

Based on: Mission: Impossibe by Bruce Geller

Starring: Tom Cruise
Jeremy Renner
Simon Pegg
Paula Patton

Music by: Michael Giacchino
Lalo Schifrin (themes)

Cinematography by: Robert Elswit

Editing by: Paul Hirsch

Studio(s): Paramount Pictures
Skydance Productions
Bad Robot Productions
TC Productions

Distributed by: Paramount Pictures

Release date(s): December 7, 2011 (Dubai)
December 16, 2011 (United States) (IMAX)
December 26, 2011 (United Kingdom)

Running time: 138 minutes

Country: United States

Language: English

Production budget: $145 million

Box office revenue (as of publication): $571, 641, 000

Alright, so I took yesterday off! I reckon I'm due a day (or two) off after the amount of work I've been putting in over the past few weeks. Still, it ain't gonna stop me! This is the last week of reviewing and then I'll be putting together my best and worst of 2011. Over the next week, I'll be seeing Albert Nobbs, Conan, Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy and The Descendants for definite, but others will be included along the way, so, as ever, keep your eyes posted!

Okay, today's movie for review is Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol. I know the movie has been out for over a month now, but this was really the first opportunity that I got to see it. I attended a six o' clock screening at the terrific cinema that is The Strand, and one of the great pleasures about that cinema is that if a movie has been out a few weeks, generally there isn't much of a demand for it. As such, I got the pleasure of paying my three-pounds fifty-pence to watch this film on the big screen by myself. As for the Mission: Impossible series, we've had an interesting relationship. I haven't seen the first two for a while, but I remember the Brian De Palma 1996 film being a good, if slightly overrated thriller, while John Woo's M:I-2, released in 2000 was a messy affair, though it did have some fantastic stunts. It is J.J. Abrams' M:I-3 that was the best of the series, a showcase for both Abrams' talent at filming action and Tom Cruise, whose Ethan Hunt was given the benefit of strong character development. Five years on, in the fallout of that great film, we have Ghost Protocol. The debut live-action film of Brad Bird, one of our great living animation directors, Ethan Hunt and his team, Jane Carter (Paula Patton), Benji Dunn (Simon Pegg), and reluctant IMF analyst William Brandt (Jeremy Renner), are left with the blame of a terrorist attack on the Kremlin during their operation. After 'Ghost Protocol' is activated, disbanding the entire IMF, the team must, while fugitives, clear their name by finding out who is responsible for the attack and prevent the terrorists goal of beginning a nuclear war.

Starting with what is good here, I must compliment director Brad Bird. Showing no trepidation in the transition from animation to live-action and far from doing a for-hire job on behalf of J.J. Abrams, he mounts this formidable steed and runs with it. Handling the action with finesse, his visual stylistics are that of a pure storyteller and I look forward to seeing where he goes from here. Also, technically the film is strong, the cinematography casting an all-seeing eye over the proceedings, while wisely it is cut so we can admire the spectacle that is being presented. At risk of spurring any pretence of objectivity, I must say that it is a pet peeve at mine when an action film is cut as though Michael Myers Vs Leatherface (as directed by Michael Bay) is being shot in the editing suite. While I think directors like Paul Greengrass and J.J. Abrams use the Steadicam well, I am thankful to be able to say that this film does suffer from this terminal illness. Also, although you certainly aren't going to get any acting masterclass, you couldn't ask for a more charismatic bunch of actors to play the disavowed IMF team. Tom Cruise is Tom Cruise, terrific as ever, Jeremy Renner displays his range once again, Simon Pegg gets all the funny lines, and the film's most pleasant surprise is Paula Patton, who gets saddled with a weak character but comes across as a strong, empowering heroine. Finally, the stunt team working on this film deserve an extended round of applause for their work here. The whole thirty-minute sequence set in Dubai is among the greatest action sequences in film history. I shit you not, I was making noises like a poor eight-year-old woman in the throws of a vicious case of indigestion, and as a result was thoroughly grateful for my being the only one in the auditorium. I know there are some of your that'll be rolling your eyes at my hyperbole, but I started feeling faint and getting vertigo just watching it. Also, the whole structure of that sequence, cutting back and forth between the two different meetings and the ensuing chase that follows, is masterful, and brought out some of the most powerful emotions I have felt watching from a film in 2011.

Nevertheless, for all these emotions and my extreme hyperbole, this is still not a great film, because it has a number of fundamental flaws that detract from my enjoyment of it. Many of these emerge from the film's script. While by no means a slapdash bit of work, Andre Nemec and Josh Appelbaum's script feels very contrived. Every snippet of backstory or transitory scenes of dialogue in between the action feels mechanical and comes across as filler for the action scenes, far from the more organic M:I-3. If there was one thing that made the predecessor stand out from the rest was that there was clearly genuine care in Ethan Hunt's story. Furthermore, from the antagonist standpoint, there is some terrible characterisation. After Philip Seymour Hoffman's Owen Davian, these villains are as flimsy as those cardboard cutouts on a shooting range, and leads to some poor performances. Also, the film's ending is rather rushed in the wake of the sheer carnage ensuing throughout, especially given its long running time. Finally, though this is a minor quibble, it is hard to top the Dubai sequence, so perhaps this would have been more appropriate as the setting for the film's climax.

However, despite it's decent but nevertheless flawed script, I found Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol to be a very enjoyable film. Brad Bird makes the transition from animation to live-action successfully, his eye for spectacle translating over the medium and a big influence on the film's strong editing and cinematography. Also, the four leads are a charismatic bunch and do a fine job of sustaining the audiences' (as in my) interest. Finally, I reiterate, an extended round of applause for the stunt team, for causing this world-weary film critic to nearly faint during the terrific Dubai sequence.

The Thin White Dude's Prognosis - 7.8/10

The Thin White Dude's Self-Diagnosis - Pretty good (given the weekend's shenanigans!)

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Mission: Impossible 4 - Ghost Protocol, review

4 out of 5 stars
Tom Cruise in Mission Impossible - Ghost Protocol
Tom Cruise in Mission Impossible - Ghost Protocol 
Dir: Brad Bird; starring: Tom Cruise, Jeremy Renner, Simon Pegg
  is out to prove something. When is he not? Of all modern movie stars, he may be the one most eager for constant validation, as if he’d curl up and die if we ever thought he was past it, or merely coasting. See, he can play funny and bald (Tropic Thunder), mean and murderous (Collateral), or a Nazi (Valkyrie), if required. Today, Cruise must prove that there’s fresh life in the Mission: Impossible franchise, though, in fairness, the commercially underperforming third one was pretty solid. How better to do it than jump, in person, off the tallest building in the world?
The Dubai section in Mission: Impossible — Ghost Protocol, in which Cruise spiders his way up the face of the Burj Khalifa, then sprints down it as if trying to break the vertical 800m record, proves everything Cruise wanted it to, above all that he’s picked the right director to make these set pieces fly. It’s better still in Imax.
Brad Bird worked wonders on The Incredibles, which isn’t even his best movie (that would be 1999’s The Iron Giant), but it’s the one that sets the tone for this kind of gravity-defying ensemble caper. As there, the script surrounds Cruise with a differently gifted family of fellow operatives, including a faithful pet (Simon Pegg’s Benji), a lovely but platonic sidekick (Paula Patton), and an “enigmatic” new buddy (Jeremy Renner), who must collectively prevent a nuclear strike, mainly by running around with cool gizmos, and jet-setting to the most urgently photogenic places on Earth.
Their raid on the Kremlin is pretty special. “For a moment there, I thought you said the Kremlin!” exclaims the reliably chummy Pegg, with a fast-fading laugh. There are launch codes that need pilfering, and Cruise must impersonate a Russian general, complete with stick-on moustache, to get them past security. It’s a little like a KGB-themed Valkyrie spoof. Then there’s a guard at the end of a corridor, and they set about playing the most hi-tech version of grandmother’s footsteps yet devised. It involves a foldaway screen, a projection thingy and… well, best just see it. They inch forward, doing a heart-in-mouth impression of an empty corridor. All told, it’s top Bird: “Tension hasn’t been as high since the Cuban missile crisis!” says someone, and you tend to agree.
Pegg’s comic relief is all well and good, and there’s some kind of friends-with-benefits situation going on between Cruise and Renner, who plays a highly-strung analyst called Brandt, complete with quips such as: “Next time, I get to seduce the rich guy!” It all feels like the beginning of a beautiful friendship.
If there’s a downside to Bird’s largesse, it’s the trouble he has getting us from one exciting bit to the next – a chronic problem ever since Brian De Palma’s madly disjointed first instalment.
Michael Nyqvist’s Hendricks, a dour terrorist-cum-profiteer intent on nuclear apocalypse, is a serviceable villain at best, and a rather faceless one (literally so, with all the usual mask-play) who just keeps popping up with his briefcase in different exotic locales.
The plotting has a glumly generic quality, and the down-time could have done with some snappier punchlines: it’s crying out for more jokes about Russians making a comeback as the baddies du jour, so that we don’t just feel we’re watching one of the early Brosnan Bonds with a tech upgrade.
Still, a lot of credit goes to Cruise here, who’s succeeded over these four films in making Ethan Hunt into a strangely intriguing alter ego. Hunt, like Cruise, is itchily uncomfortable in his own skin – they’re both drawn to disguise – and we spot signs of fatigue, of here-we-go-again, which give him mature grit and appeal.
The movies may force Cruise to show off, to scale mountains and skyscrapers like a sinewy circus performer, but those gritted pearly whites betray an underlying reluctance: when Pegg pats him on the back in dubious reassurance before the Burj ascent, you feel a weird jolt of sympathy for the star, however much he’s pocketing. Then he’s out and clambering, 124 floors up, with a sandstorm brewing on the horizon, and the raw thrill of vertigo sweeps you up and away.


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First look: Tom Cruise accepts his fourth death-defying mission as he returns as spy Ethan Hunt in Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol

It's been five years since Ethan Hunt was last seen on our screens chasing down bad guys and saving his skin.
But he's back - stronger and fitter than ever and still swinging from heart-stopping heights with little more than a rope and his wits keeping him company.
And while he may only be a year shy of turning 50, there's no stopping Tom Cruise, as he returns as the spy in the fourth installment of the Mission: Impossible franchise.
Scroll down for the trailer...
Not for the faint-hearted: Tom Cruise returns as Ethan Hunt - precariously gripped to a building 2,000ft up- in the fourth Mission: Impossible film, Ghost Protocol
Not for the faint-hearted: returns as Ethan Hunt - precariously gripped to a building 2,000ft up- in the fourth Mission: Impossible film, Ghost Protocol
The first trailer for the new film, which is called Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol, was released online today and promises more explosions, more heart-in-the-mouth stunts and even some humour courtesy of Simon Pegg.
And once again, ever the adrenaline junkie, Cruise, who turns 49 on Sunday, insisted on performing his own stunts which will leave fans in awe and with their hearts in their mouths.
The Kremlin crumbles: A huge bomb blows up the Moscow building as Hunt looks on in horror, little knowing this will lead to his fourth mission
The Kremlin crumbles: A huge bomb blows up the Moscow building as Hunt looks on in horror, little knowing this will lead to his fourth mission

Run for your life: Hunt sprints away from the Kremlin bomb but is swept off his feet by the huge explosion
Run for your life: Hunt sprints away from the Kremlin bomb but is swept off his feet by the huge explosion
In one scene he is seen precariously gripped to a building 2,000ft up as he clings onto the Burj Kahlifa in Dubai, the tallest building in the world, which, even by his standards, was Cruise's most dangerous yet,
Cruise is also seen running away from several earth-shattering explosions including in Moscow after The Kremlin is blown up by a huge terrorist bomb.
Your mission, should you choose to accept it: Tom Wilkinson's character, accompanied by Jeremy Renner's Brandt, gives Hunt an ultimatum
Your mission, should you choose to accept it: Tom Wilkinson's character, accompanied by Jeremy Renner's Brandt, gives Hunt an ultimatum

Man on the run: Hunt listens as he is told that he will be branded a terrorist if he is caught
Man on the run: Hunt listens as he is told that he will be branded a terrorist if he is caught
He has filmed many for his character, Impossible Missions Force agent Ethan Hunt,and designs them and meticulously calculates and goes through every jump, roll, skid and slide with his co-stars and the director.
Speaking to the Daily Record this summer, he said: 'I want to entertain the audience and part of making these movies is doing my own stunts.
Action man: A suited and booted Cruise runs from yet another explosion...
Action man: A suited and booted Cruise runs from yet another explosion...

... and then shows off his agility with some high karate kicks as he takes on a bad guy
... and then shows off his agility with some high karate kicks as he takes on a bad guy
The leads to Hunt's first mission after he is told by Tom Wilkinson's character that the bombing has forced the president to initiate 'Ghost Protocol', which means that the entire IMF - Impossible Missions Force, a fictional independent espionage agency employed by the US government - has been disavowed.
Wilkinson, whose character has yet to be revealed, then informs Hunt that he has been ordered to take him back to Washington and him and his team will be blamed for the bombing.
You sure about this? Pegg's character Benji Dunn shows Hunt how to use some special-grip gloves that will help him scale the world's tallest building
You sure about this? Pegg's character Benji Dunn shows Hunt how to use some special-grip gloves that will help him scale the world's tallest building

Don't look down! Hunt grips on to the mirrored windows of the Burj Kahlifa in Dubai, a stunt Cruise performed himself
Don't look down! Hunt grips on to the mirrored windows of the Burj Kahlifa in Dubai, a stunt Cruise performed himself
No fear: Cruise launches himself off the 2,717 ft high building
No fear: Cruise launches himself off the 2,717 ft high building
No fear: Cruise launches himself off the 2,717 ft high building
He suggests that he escapes after assaulting him and Brandt, one of Hunt's team played by The Hurt Locker star Jeremy Renner, but says if any of his team are caught, they will be branded as terrorists, 'out to encite global nuclear war'.
As they hatch a plan to allow them to operate outside their own agency, Wilkinson then utters the immortal words: 'Your mission, should you choose to accept it...'
You're an A-lister now: Pegg has increased his Hollywood profile with this action role
You're an A-lister now: Pegg has increased his Hollywood profile with this action role

Sex appeal: Paula Patton brings some glamour to the all-action movie
Sex appeal: Paula Patton brings some glamour to the all-action movie

The name's Cruise, Tom Cruise: Hunt scrubs up well in a tuxedo as he goes undercover
The name's Cruise, Tom Cruise: Hunt scrubs up well in a tuxedo as he goes undercover
Cue a flurry of action scenes as Cruise and his crew - Pegg, Renner, Lost's Josh Holloway, Ving Rhames and Paula Patton-  take on their new mission.
Fans of the movies have been waiting five years for this film, which was filmed in Dubai, Prague, Moscow, Mumbai, and Vancouver.
Hanging around: A fan snapped a picture of Cruise as he took part in the stunt for the new movie
Hanging around: A fan snapped a picture of Cruise as he took part in the stunt for the new movie
Adrenaline junkie: Cruise runs along the side of the Buri Khalifa
Adrenaline junkie: Cruise runs along the side of the Buri Khalifa
The film, which due out the week before Christmas. also marks the action debut for director Brad Bird, who is best known for writing and directing Disney/Pixar's The Incredibles and Ratatouille.
It was produced by Lost creator J.J Abrams, who directed Cruise in the third installment of this movie franchise.

Tom Cruise grabs some precious father and son time with 15-year-old Connor at an LA Lakers game

Suri of course demand an awful lot of Tom Cruise's time, but of course the Hollywood star has two other children to whom he is also extremely dedicated.
And yesterday it was his 15-year-old son Connor who spent an evening with his famous father.
The father and son team visited the Staples Centre in Los Angeles to watch the LA Lakers play basketball, enjoying some quality time together.
Family time: The actor and his son stand to cheer on the Los Angeles Lakers
Family time: Actor and his son Connor, 17, attended the basketball together to cheer on the Los Angeles Lakers
Fatherly love: Tom Cruise and his son Connor sit court side with film producer Jeffrey Katzenberg during Game 2 of the NBA Western Conference final playoff
Me and my boy: Cruise and Connor sat court side with film producer Jeffrey Katzenberg
They sat courtside to watch as their team took on the Phoenix Suns in the second game in the NBA Western Conference final playoff series.
Appearing to enjoy every minute of their evening together, Connor and Tom both wore huge grins on their faces as their team took victory to take a 2-0 lead in the playoffs.
At one point Connor met one of the team's top stars, Derek Fisher - and they were in good company flanked by Bruce Willis and wife Emma Heming on one side with film producer Jeffrey Katzenberg on the other.
Los Angeles Lakers guard Kobe Bryant drives to the basket past Phoenix Suns center Robin Lopez (R) and Amare Stoudemire
Game on: The Cruises were at Game 2 of the NBA Western Conference final playoff between Los Angeles Lakers and the Phoenix Suns
Special treat: Connor meets Los Angeles Lakers guard Derek Fisher at the start of the second half of the NBA Western Conference Final in Los Angeles
Special treat: Connor meets Los Angeles Lakers guard Derek Fisher at the start of the second half of the NBA Western Conference Final in Los Angeles
Tom recently spoke about his children during an appearance on the Oprah Winfrey show.
He explained his position on his children Connor and daughter Bella, 17, dating.
The actor said of his daughter: 'Bella has a very strong sense of herself...She's a good girl, so whoever she likes, it's cool.'
As for budding actor Connor's romantic prospects, he revealed: 'He's pretty smart so I just listen. And I also tell him, you know, he's got plenty of time for that.'
Star turn out: Bruce Willis, Connor Cruise, his father Tom Cruise and producer Jeffrey Katzenberg watch the Los Angeles Lakers play the Phoenix Suns
Star turn out: Bruce Willis, Connor Cruise, his father and producer Jeffrey Katzenberg watch the Los Angeles Lakers play the Phoenix Suns
Connor made his acting debut in 2008 film Seven Pounds as Will Smith's character aged 12.
Next he's set to star in the remake of the film Red Dawn. Tom also told the show's host that Suri not only chooses her own wardrobe, but also offers her father advice on what to wear.
He said of the four-year-old: 'She likes to dress herself and wears whatever she wants to wear.
She wants to wear it, she wears it... a girl wants to wear what she wants to wear. I'm not going to tell her different.
'She's got great taste too. She tells me what to wear.'
Front row stars: Bruce Willis was joined by his wife Emma Heming - they sat next to Tom Cruise and his son in their courtside seats
Front row stars: Bruce Willis was joined by his wife Emma Heming - they sat next to Tom Cruise and his son in their courtside seats
And he also said his youngest daughter has no problem dealing with the paparazzi.
Tom said: 'It's been there her whole life. She's just such a happy, easy, fun girl. She just deals with it. We don't make it a problem. We don't get nervous about it.
'Katie's a very relaxed person, and you just deal with it.'
Meanwhile Cruise's wife Katie Holmes was pictured paying an early morning visit to a dance studio in Hollywood.
Dressed casually in a striped T-shirt and grey tracksuit bottoms, and wearing a trendy pair of high-top trainers, the actress carried a large Louis Vuitton bag as she headed for a workout.
Katie Holmes
Getting active: Katie Holmes starts off her day with a trip to a dance class in Hollywood
Getting active: Katie Holmes starts off her day with a trip to a dance class in Hollywood



Tom Cruise looks happier than ever as he poses with leading ladies Cameron Diaz and Katie Holmes at Knight And Day world premiere

They say variety is the spice of life.
So it's no wonder looked like the cat that got the cream as he posed at the world premiere of his new film Knight And Day in Seville, Spain, with both his blonde co-star Cameron Diaz and brunette wife Katie Holmes last night.
Both stars looked stunning in their outfits - with Diaz opting for a ruched black one-shouldered dress, and Holmes going for the innocent look in a white dress with tiered skirt and gladiator heels
Actor Tom Cruise, right and Cameron Diaz
Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes
Leading ladies: Tom Cruise poses with Knight And Day co-star Cameron Diaz (left) and wife Katie Holmes at the world premiere of the film in Seville, Spain
Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz
Back to black: Cameron and Tom both opted for black outfits as they posed on the red carpet at the premiere
Cruise, who was dressed more casually in dark jeans, a white shirt and a blazer, grinned broadly as he posed first with Katie and then inside with Diaz.
Knight And Day sees the second collaboration between Hollywood stars Cruise and Diaz, and tells of a fugitive spy who takes an unsuspecting woman around the world on an action-packed adventure with him as he attempts to protect an endless energy source.
The movie, directed by James Mangold, is the latest in a string of comedic roles for Cruise, who previously made his name in dramas and more romantic films such as Rain Man and Days Of Thunder.

Katie Holmes arrive at the premiere of the movie 'Knight and Day
Happy couple: Tom gives wife Katie an affectionate kiss on the cheek. The couple's daughter Suri is also with them in Spain
Speaking about the film, Cruise, 47, said: 'It's a real kind of wish fulfillment film. It's got a very unique tone. It was something I was really looking to do next.
'The most important thing to me is entertaining the audience, and it always has been.  I’ve worked since I was 8 years old and I saved money to go to the movies, so to have that opportunity… I just consider myself a student of film, of storytelling. The film itself is the most important.'
Describing Diaz as 'a great friend', Cruise added: 'I haven't worked with her since Vanilla Sky, she's just wonderful to work with, an incredible comedian.'
Cameron Diaz
Cameron Diaz
Stunning: Cameron wowed fans in a ruched black minidress and heels with gold chains
Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz
Hollywood's in the house: Cruise and Diaz met with fans before the premiere in a high-octane driving display
The pair also did the majority of their own stunts on the film, and said that while the prospect of having to do death-defying leaps or car chases was sometimes hard to deal with, they also messed around and punched each other between takes.
Cruise told Entertainment Tonight: ''We would come up on the set and we'd be like, "What's Up? What's Up?" and punch each other on the arm.'
Diaz added: 'Yeah, punching and kicking. I'd kind of like be playing around, and every once in a while after a long stretch of stunts, Tom would be like, "No, no - not today." '

Cameron Diaz
Adoring fans: Cameron chatted for fans, posed for photographers and signed autographs before the premiere

Cameron Diaz
Chic: She had teased her hair back into a trendy side bun, which worked well with her asymmetric dress

Earlier in the day, Diaz and Cruise decided to prove exactly how they did their own stunts by performing a high-speed car and bike chase around a blocked-off area in Seville, Spain, for U.S. TV's Good Morning America.
After leaving a reporter stunned by her incredibly fast driving, Diaz said: 'He does everything you see in the movie.

Tom Cruise
Fan man: Tom is known for his dedication to his fans and the amount of time he spends at premieres meeting the general public

'It's him jumping from one building to the next - he's not wearing a wire - it's him running across rooftops. It's completely off the hook and I had to step up to that. And adrenaline's good!'

While some criticised the decision to hold the world premiere of the film in Seville instead of America, the majority of the crime comedy film was shot in the Spanish city, so producers deemed it a natural choice for the opening night of the promotional tour.
Knight And Day opens in the UK on the 2nd July.
Action man: Cruise rides a bike in Sevilla to recreate scenes from the film Knight and Day
Action man: Cruise rides a bike in Sevilla to recreate scenes from the film Knight and Day